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Schedule 9 – Alipay+ Payment Channel



The Merchant hereby acknowledges and agree that by entering into a contract/commercial agreement with Fiuu, the Merchant has undertaken the necessary risk assessment to mitigate any potential risks that may emerge in relation to the contract/commercial arrangement entered into with Fiuu. For the avoidance of doubt, the specific terms and conditions below shall be read together with the Agreement.



           1.1. Unless otherwise stated, the following definitions shall be used for the purpose of this Schedule 9:


“Acceptance Marks” means the Alipay+ Brand Mark identified by Alipay+ to indicate the acceptance of Alipay+ Payment Channel through Fiuu.
“Alipay+ Brand Mark” means a mark, including word, name, logo, design, symbol and trademark, that represents the Alipay+ and its products and services.
“Alipay+ Brand Guidelines” means the guidelines and instructions applicable to use of the Alipay+ Brand Mark as specified by Alipay+ in https://docs.alipayplus.com/alipayplus and as updated from time to time.
“Digital Goods or Services means digital content, digital goods or digitally-supplied goods or services.



           2.1. Currencies in respect of Transactions, payments and Refunds shall be the local currency of the location of the Merchant or any other currency permitted by Alipay+. For the avoidance of doubt, all currencies in relation to Alipay+ Payment Channel under this Agreement shall be in Malaysian Ringgit (“MYR”).



           3.1. For the purpose of Alipay+ providing the Payment Channel to Merchant (including satisfying the requirements of regulatory agencies or settlement banks), Alipay+ may request Fiuu to provide certain information about the Merchant, including Merchant name, location, MID, and MCC, to Alipay+. Merchant hereby agrees to provide such information as required under relevant laws and any applicable privacy polices.



          4.1. Merchant shall comply with all rules in relation to the Alipay+ Brand Mark including the Alipay+ Brand Guidelines.

          4.2. Fiuu is entitled to suspend or terminate the provision of Alipay+ to Merchant , including termination of any license to use the Acceptance Marks, pursuant to any direction from Alipay+.



          5.1. For Merchants providing online gaming and/or streaming products, such Merchants shall:

                   5.1.1. impose restrictions on the purchase, transfer and monetization of digital goods/commodities and forbid monetization from its Customer’s accounts; and

                   5.1.2. carry out Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”) checks on their Customer’s accounts if the Customer’s accounts are associated with digital assets, such as gaming gear and monetary balance, or as otherwise required by the laws.



          6.1. Merchant shall not decline to accept Alipay+ Payment Channel under any circumstances, except in order to comply with the relevant laws.


  1. TAXES

           7.1. Merchant selling Digital Goods or Services shall comply with all the tax filing and reporting requirements and pay the relevant taxes under relevant laws in relation to such sale of Digital Goods or Services.

           7.2. Merchant must comply with all tax laws and must not facilitate in any other third party’s non-compliance with any tax laws.

           7.3. Merchant acknowledges that Alipay+ may disclose information about the Merchant to any government agency where Alipay+ reasonably determines that is it required to do so under required tax laws and Merchant acknowledges that it is required to provide such information to Alipay+ as soon as reasonably practicable.



          8.1. Where required, Merchant shall ensure that it maintain security measures, including physical and electronic measures, while using the Alipay+ Payment Channel, whereby the technology and infrastructure required together with the data in its possession or control, shall be in accordance with all relevant laws and industry standards.



          9.1. Merchant shall display the Acceptance Marks as follow:

                    9.1.1. in the case of an in-store Merchant, display the Acceptance Marks prominently at the Merchant outlet, including

at the point of sale to indicate the acceptance of Alipay+ Payment Channel; or

                   9.1.2. in the case of an online store, display the Acceptance Marks on the relevant checkout page, to indicate the acceptance of Alipay+ Payment Channel and on the payment result page, to indicate that the Transaction is processed through Alipay+ Core.

          9.2. Merchant shall display the Alipay+ Brand Mark with at least the same prominence as they display the trademarks or brand identifiers of any other payment methods accepted by the Merchant in the same context.

          9.3. Where applicable, Merchant shall display the Alipay+ Brand Mark on marketing materials related to Fiuu.

          9.4. Merchant shall, sufficiently identify itself in all materials (including images, sound or through any other medium) which bear, use or refer to the Alipay+ Brand Mark, and complies with all relevant laws relating to marketing, promotional activity, public relations or other brand-related activities.

          9.5. Unless otherwise expressly allowed under this Agreement, Merchant shall not:

                    9.5.1. make any press release or public announcement about Alipay+, the services, Alipay+ Core, or its business relationship with Alipay+ (including Transaction numbers or amounts, corridor performance, business growth or plans); or

                    9.5.2. give interviews providing, or otherwise publicly disclose, such information, without Alipay+’s prior written consent.

          9.6. Alipay+ may require the immediate cessation of publication or dissemination of any material which references Alipay+, its affiliates, or Fiuu’s association with Alipay+ or the Alipay+ Brand Mark, which, in the reasonable opinion of Alipay+, may adversely affect Alipay+, the Alipay+ Brand Mark, Alipay+’s business reputation or the promotion of Alipay+,  or may misappropriate any associated goodwill of Alipay+ or the Alipay+ Brand Mark.



          10.1. Subject to Clause 10.2 of this Schedule 9, upon the termination of this Agreement, which render the termination of services for Alipay+ Payment Channel, the receiving party will, at the request of the disclosing party, destroy or deliver to the disclosing entity all material in the possession or control of the receiving party which contains the Confidential Information or, in circumstances where data cannot be removed from the receiving party’s IT systems, provide a certification to the disclosing party that such Confidential Information has been isolated within those IT systems, such that it is no longer practically accessible by the receiving party.

          10.2. Clause 10.1 of this Schedule 9 does not apply to:

                     10.2.1. any legal advice, internal working papers, legal opinions, legal due diligence reports, directors’ or committee papers or board minutes prepared for or by the receiving party; or

                     10.2.2. any other documents which the receiving party is required by relevant laws to keep or maintain.

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