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How does Fiuu’ payment gateway manage your site’s high-volume payments?

October 28, 2020

Any growing e-commerce business will need to be able to process increasing payment volumes while receiving their processed payment promptly and quickly. Thus, having a reliable and robust payment gateway will go a long way for businesses looking to grow their sales targets.

With our proven track record in serving some of the biggest names in e-commerce, Fiuu’ payment gateway is able to handle any major spikes and unforeseen situations that your business might experience.

Processing a million Ringgit a day is hassle-free with us. We have both the infrastructure and the personnel to manage payment while ensuring your payments are being processed 24/7 with near zero downtime.

1. How does Fiuu manage my payments consistently?

In a business environment that demands convenience, speed, and efficiency, Fiuu’ payment gateway aims to do just that.

As your business grows organically, these three criterias become harder to satisfy. However, no matter if your business needs to process high-volume, low value payment or high value, low volume payments or anything in between, Fiuu is able to create a customised platform that caters to your business demands.

Having been in the payment processing business for more than a decade, we are committed to staying ahead of the technological curve, by investing into both manpower and cutting-edge payment infrastructure that complies to industry standards.

Furthermore, our experienced engineers have both the technological expertise and experience to manage any volume of sales that you might experience in a peak period.

2. Our reliability means your revenue stream is uninterrupted

Our team has been supporting global internet brands from Lazada, Shopee, Taobao to global brands like Google and Facebook. We have a proven track record of managing their sales and shown our infrastructure’s resilience during that time as well.

During the massive 11.11 & 12.12 sales, our merchants which included 3 of the largest e-commerce players in Southeast Asia enjoyed zero downtime despite an 800% processing surge.

Fiuu’ High Availability (HA) infrastructure practically guarantees continuous uptimes, ensuring that your business won’t miss out on those all important sales.

Our teams are also guided by a responsive Service Level Agreement (SLA) meaning our team is always on the ball to help ensure that our payment gateway is online, all the time.

With an internal Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) extended to merchant platforms, we are able to preempt you on any massive errors on your businesses’ endpoint which included endpoint healthiness detection and misconfiguration detection.

Once our engineers are alerted that your platform is missing from our rainbow stack, our team will then check and notify you of the nature of the error or service description, giving you ample time to react and rectify the situation. Given the error, our teams may be able to intervene on your behalf, saving you time and effort as well.

3. More payment services means more avenues for payment

In addition to the more ‘traditional’ payment channel supported by our payment gateway, Fiuu’ newly developed virtual terminal mobile app will give your business more services than ever to process payments quickly.

With our comprehensive app, your team can process cashless payments on a smartphone app at minimal cost. One QR payment link is all you need to process payments on the go.

We are also able to support your online business with cash transactions, that’s right, with Fiuu Cash, your customers can pay for cash for goods they shop online! More payment services will no doubt help your business tap into new users and sales. The use of cash has so far defied industry expectations, and we are proud to announce that Fiuu Cash at 7-Eleven had grown over 300% Y-o-Y since its inception.

Fiuu’ payment gateway not only ensures that your payment processes are streamlined, our guaranteed minimal downtime and reliable infrastructure means that your online business processes payments 24/7 no matter how high the volume.

Get in touch with us now for the high-volume payment processing gateway of choice.


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