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Fiuu Virtual Terminal app – Scaling Your Business Cost Effectively

August 12, 2020

In this new normal, a lot of us are finding creative ways to continue devising opportunities for ourselves and the economy. Whether it is to create new income or supplementing it, people everywhere are showing their resilience by going digital and creating new business avenues.

So if you are venturing to create an online business for the first time, the Fiuu Virtual Terminal (VT) app is the perfect solution for you. Our Virtual Terminal app is easy to set-up low cost, saving you time and money, meaning you can do business without pre-existing infrastructure.

Whether you are selling groceries, consumer goods or luxury items - starting a business has never been easier, read on and find out how Fiuu Virtual Terminal app is the catalyst to start and build your business in these unprecedented times.

Why the Fiuu Virtual Terminal app?

1. Plug and play your digital payments

Payment gateways have established itself as payment facilitators, but will place a few requirements on business before they can be used. Our Virtual Terminal app will remove the need for long registration times and the need for a website to accommodate the payment gateway.

With Fiuu Virtual Terminal app, you begin accepting cashless transactions almost immediately. All you will need is a smartphone, the Fiuu Virtual Terminal app and a registered account with us. That means Fiuu Virtual Terminal app will give your business a head start without taking up more capital or time.

Worrying about technical integration as well as its costs to your business will blind you from what matters. With Fiuu Virtual Terminal app, even the largest businesses will have an out of the box solution that will give you the most bang for your buck.

2. Cost effective payment methods

In the new normal, live-streaming shopping has taken shopaholics by storm. In April, Lazada welcomed over 27 million viewers on livestream, whilst total gross merchandise volume (GMV) generated through LazLive increased by 45% MoM.

Small fishing companies in Malaysia have also taken to Facebook Live to auction their goods and reach a much wider customer base. The companies have pointed out that they are able to provide their products at much lower cost while generating higher profit margins.

Its popularity is due to consumers’ ability to engage directly with the promoters regarding the promotions, and purchasing of the offered products. Given that, your payment solution should be equally robust and engaging.

Our Virtual Terminal’s app integration with all these solutions will save you from mountaining maintenance costs for different terminals.

3. Our VT app will scale with your business with minimal costs

As you grow, Fiuu’ Virtual Terminal app will continue to be cost effective for your business. As your business creates more sales channels, you will need to scale your payment channels to efficiently handle your online transactions.

With Fiuu’ Virtual Terminal, one account is all you need.

Whether it's 10, 100 or 1000 sub-accounts, there are just  additional minimal costs to maintain them. So as your business creates more and more opportunities, the cost of transacting remains the same.

4. Fiuu Virtual Terminal app

Fiuu Virtual Terminal app offers an out of the box solution for your cashless transactions, reducing the need for expensive and digital transaction infrastructures. Inexpensive, scalable and efficient are the cornerstones of our Virtual Terminal app, so whether your business is big or small, we have the optimal cashless solution for you. If you would like to know more about Fiuu Virtual Terminal app, reach out to us here.

With Fiuu Virtual Terminal app, we help streamline the payment part of your business, giving you the opportunity to focus on what matters to you.


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